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Mission: To foster enjoyment, appreciation, and understanding of the history of Cajun music!

If you can find recordings by the artists featured here, by all means please get them!

These recordings all come from my private collection with considerable help from other French music fans. I post them here as a labor of love without gain and with no wish to cut into any else's profit. I simply make these important and scarce recordings available here due to their inherent interest to the Cajun music community, to preserve and promote appreciation for the likes of Nathan Abshire, Austin Pitre, Ambrose Thibodeaux, Revon Reed, Sady Courville, Preston Manuel, Roy Fuselier, and many other great musicians! They are the roots and influences of our contemporary Cajun music...I hope a new generation will pick up and expand on our great tradition by hearing these great recordings. Every girl and boy ought to have a chance to hear them. To the artists and families who have given me permission to post these songs here so that they can be heard widely, thank you!

Contact me, Neal Pomea (Pommier), at npomea@gmail.com if by chance you hold copyright and do not wish to see these works made available in this format. Further our music by making recordings like these available worldwide. Bonne chance tout nous-autres!

The Yahoo group Cajun Music Recordings has put together a discography of 45s on the Swallow label.

Established May 26, 2002
Last updated July 1, 2022.
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